Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting Your RV in the Halloween Spirit

The weather has finally caught up with us and really put us in the mood for Halloween time! When you’re out RVing around October 31st, try to have a little fun with it!

Deck out your RV with Halloween inspired décor and be the talk of the campground!

Some simple and quick steps will have you on your way to a fun and festive holiday. You’ll need to invest in orange or white lights, fake cobwebs, fake black plastic spiders and a little creativity with your pumpkin carving

Hang your colored lights along the awning of your RV, around your windows and door frame. If you have a front window in your motorhome, make sure you don’t forget to light that up too!
Block out all your windows with appropriately colored construction paper and cut out silhouettes of various spooky characters (Frankenstein, ghosts, scarecrow, headless horseman, etc). You can buy patterns for pumpkin carving and use them as a stencil for the cut-outs as well.

Next, you’ll want to stretch out the fake cobwebs so they look like the real thing and attach it with any hooks, nails or corners of your RV you can. Attach them to nearby trees or picnic tables and don’t forget, rocks will also work at holding down a portion of the webbing.

Lastly, you’ll want to scatter those black plastic spiders all throughout the web to finish off your masterpiece!
Be prepared for the actual event by dressing up in a great costume with tons of great candy to give out to the local kids from your jovial RV!
From all of us at Redding RV Center, we want to wish you a very Happy Halloween!

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